Asita of Aouth Sulawesi develops sports tourism

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Makassar, S Sulawesi (Antaranews Sulsel) - The Indonesian Travel Association (Asita) of South Sulawesi has begun working on several areas with potential to develop sports tourism.

Chairman of DPD Asita of South Sulawesi Didi L. Manaba noted here on Tuesday that some areas in the province were suitable and worthy of being developed as destinations for sports tourism.

"Some destinations, such as Selayar Islands, Malino District, Enrekang, and Maros District, have potential," he pointed out.

A hill or mountain on Selayar Islands can serve as a track for trail motorcycles or motocross bikes.

Tourists, especially in the high area, can view Selayar Islands clearly from above.

Sports tourism has, so far, only made inroads in the cross-country marathon run, such as that usually held by the Tourism Department of South Sulawesi in some areas: Malino, Bira Beach or around Karts Rammang-rammang in Maros District.

Meanwhile, the association has yet to focus entirely on extreme sports, as it must be supported by adequate facilities and infrastructure.

Manaba further remarked that areas were built in South Sumatra Province due to the sports tourism potential.

Asita of South Sulawesi has been focusing on new destinations, so that several areas in South Sulawesi, which are not so popular, will be developed seriously.

Currently, Asita will start the development of new destinations in Toraj and Enrekang.

In addition to the natural scenery, South Sulawesi has several indigenous cultures that are certainly worthy of being showcased to the international community.

"We continue to strive to cooperate with the regional government and stakeholders to build hundreds of tourism destinations in this province," he added.
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