SAR team deployed to search for victims of sunken ship

id SAR cari korban

Makassar, S Sulawesi, June 13 (Antara) - Search and Rescue/SAR team of the Naval base (Lantamal) VI has been deployed to help find the missing victims of the sunken passenger ship in the Makassar waters on Wednesday.

Assistant of operational affairs to the Naval base VI commander, Col. Musleh Yadi, said here on Wednesday that the search effort was carried out based on instructions from the commander of the main naval base, Commodore Dwi Sulaksono.

According to Yadi, SAR team of the Naval base (Lantamal) VI cooperated with SAR teams of police, including fishermen, to help evacuate the victims.

A passenger ship, or locally called Jolloro, sank in the Makassar Strait, South Sulawesi Province, on Wednesday, leaving at least 13 passengers dead.

"The ship carried 43 passengers, of which 13 died, 22 survived, and 8 went missing," head of the provincial search and rescue agency, Amiruddin, noted at the Makassar Paotere Port.

The ill-fated longboat was carrying passengers from the Paotere Port to Baranglompo Island on Wednesday morning when it went upside down in the sea, he revealed.

The victims, identified as Rita (31), Asriani (6), Marani (48), Marwah (42), Rahman (6), Dalima (46), Nio (50), and Arsyam (1), were found around Paotere Port.

Meanwhile, the other victims, namely Sitti Aminah (60), Rahmawati (8), Arini (30), Rusdiana (37) and Suryani (35), were found in the Barrang Lompo Island.

Reported by Muh Hasanuddin
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