Application of law in Indonesia is chaotic: Mahfud MD

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Makassar, Sept 20 (Antara) - Former Chairman of the Constitutional Court Mahfud MD called on all parties to focus on tackling the issue of the application of law in Indonesia that is currently chaotic.

During a public lecture at the Rectorate Building of Hasanuddin University (Unhas) Makassar, on Thursday, Mahfud MD stated that the country still faced the issue of manipulation of the law.

"More than 50 percent of the country`s problems can be solved properly if the law is enforced, as they originated from a legal issue," he noted.

He explained that several problems had escalated, such as in the fields of education, equity, and infrastructure, as they were not followed up in line with the certification owing to corruption.

Similarly in case of health problems, several patients were displaced, as the budget prepared by the government was manipulated.

Furthermore, he explained that with the establishment of law, manipulation was possible. People with money have tried to change the law to their benefit.

"In the past, forestry laws were applied that were detrimental to entrepreneurs, and pleas were made to change the laws. Coastal laws have changed, all of which appear to benefit investors, who obtain community rights, as they pay members of the Legislative Assembly," he explained.

The former defense minister also admitted that many did not like him and judged him as giving incorrect information on the manipulation of the law.

"It must pay. In fact, a tobacco law has been produced but has been lost," he pointed out.

Likewise with conditions ahead of the elections, at times some people pay to bring down their political opponents by framing them as suspects.

"Cases (criminal cases) can be bought or opened. Hence, for prospective regional heads, we can buy, so that they can become suspects. Hence, they fail to become candidates," he added.

Reporting by Abdul Kadir
Pewarta :
Editor: Laode Masrafi