West Sulawesi Urged To Repair Port

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Oesman Sapta Odang (ANTARA FOTO)

Mamuju, W Sulawesi (ANTARA Sulbar) - The Caretaker Official of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) Oesman Sapta Odang has urged the West Sulawesi local administration to repair the port in the provincde to expand the fishing industry.

"I hope the local administration will repair infrastructure of its port that could stimulate the potential of fishing sector," Odang said here on Sunday.

Odang recognized the local administration has been developing the infrastructure, indicated by proper airport with 2500 meters airfield and road in that province as long as 570 kilometers.

He, however, insisted the ports in that province are still deficient and have not been able to support the fishing sector.

"A number of ports are still less and not proportional to the number of fishermen in West Sulawesi," he said.

"It means fishermen are still hampered in maximizing fishery products. It needs to build more infrastructure that can support their activities," he added.

In that view, he fully supports government`s efforts to build infrastructure in fishing sector.

"Wide of West Sulawesi province is about 16787.18 kilometers, with more than half of that area is ocean. It will be redundant if not utilized," said Oesman.

According to him, the potential of fishing sector in West Sulawesi is very great because there is season when fishes around the world gathered in the eastern Indonesia including West Sulawesi waters.

"It is certainly promising to improve the fisheries sector to promote regional economy," he said. IA Pribadi/O Tamindael
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