Senin, 23 Oktober 2017

Iarmi Urged To Support Mental Revolution Program In West Sulawesi

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Mamuju, W Sulawesi (Antara Sulbar) - The Indonesian Students Regiment Alumni Association (IARMI) has been urged to support the mental revolution program, launched by the central government, in the province of West Sulawesi.

"How wonderful it would be if the IARMI, which is to be formed in West Sulawesi, can support the implementation of the mental revolution program in the province," West Sulawesi Acting Governor Carlo Brix Tewu remarked while receiving IARMI Central Executive Board Deputy Chairman Ahmadi here on Thursday.

Tewu stated that the IARMI had several members who held key positions, so they can support the mental revolution program.

The West Sulawesi Working Group (Pokja) for mental revolution has also outlined 10 strategies to support the program.

Muhdin, chief of the West Sulawesi provincial office of religious affairs, and the Pokja chairman revealed here early this week that the 10 strategies deal with:

1. Improvement in behaviors that support life, Pancasila, and democracy,
2. Improvement in tolerant behavior and inter-religious harmony,
3. Improved awareness of behaviors that support nationalism, patriotism, and social solidarity,
4. Improvement of policy to support national unity and integrity,
5. An improvement in behavior that offers recognition and protection to minorities that are marginalized and have special needs,
6. Increased support for public initiatives and role in development,
7. An increase in law enforcement measures against violations that disrupt the unity of the nation,
8. Providing religious education that teaches diversity, tolerance, and moral values,
9. Increasing the role of religious institutions, families, and public media in the equation of the values of character, tolerance, and living in harmony and,
10. Improving community education standards and the contribution of community spirit in regional development.


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