Idul Fitri Increases Social Care: Preacher

Pewarta : id idul fitri, the Al Markaz Al Islami Jenderal M Jusuf Mosque

Makassar, South Sulawesi (Antara Sulsel) - Idul Fitri festivity, celebrated by Muslims in Indonesia this year, will increase social care, according to Prof. Muhammadiyah Amin in his sermon at the Al Markaz Al Islami Jenderal M Jusuf Mosque here on Sunday.

"Idul Fitri and tithe, paid on the last day of fasting month, will cultivate the habit of helping each other and social care which is meaningful to keep away the nature of ambition and greed," Amin remarked.

The professor of Alauddin State Islamic University` Faculty of

Sharia and Law noted in his Idul Fitri sermon that moral deviation is due to social life that is not going well, which is triggered by the nature of personal ambition and greed.

According to him, the nature of personal ambition and greed tends to justify any means from fraud, to the engineering of justice settlement to suppress the weak, and to the cases of rape and murder.

"But by training to be patient in Ramadan with the restrain of lust, and giving tithe will be the basis for maintaining social awareness in the coming months," he said.
Editor: Daniel