Indonesians Urged To Leave Hate Speech

id jokowi, 70th National Cooperatives Day.

Makassar, S Sulawesi (Antara Sulsel) - President Joko Widodo called for a halt of hate speeches here on Wednesday for the sake of increasing economic growth.

"Do not let our energy and mind be wasted for unproductive activities. Look we now tend to be trapped into that frame," he said when opening the 70th National Cooperatives Day.

He said hate speeches from irresponsible persons that have been rife lately will be a setback for the country as mutual respect come to a decline while the nation is still facing poverty, imbalances and social gaps.

"Insulting each other, slendering, spreading hoax stories, blaming each other are unproductive things that I think must be left behind. I believe without them our economic growth will be better," he said.

He said poverty, imbalances and social gaps are our homework which is heavy and must be overcome together.

"In view of that we must use all our strength and resources to deal with them," he said.

Regarding cooperatives, President Joko Widodo said they have contributed 3.9 percent to the country`s economy.

This has doubled compared to two and a half years but compared with other countries it is still very small, he said.

"In France the contribution is 18 percent, the Netherlands 18 percent, New Zealand 20 percent," he added.

"This is our big job," the president said.
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