Coffee Plantation Increases Toraja`s Tourism Potential

id Toraja, Coffee Plantation Increases Toraja`s Tourism Potential

Makassar, S Sulawesi (Antara Sulsel) - Toraja District, South Sulawesi Province, has the potential to become a tourist destination because of its coffee plantation, a cafe businessman, Irvan Helmi, said here on Tuesday.

He made the statement as a response to Toraja`s potential as a coffee-producing area, which was severely affected by the expansion of the tourism development project.

"We must not let the expansion of tourism projects affect coffee plantations. The coffee plantations can be developed as tourist sites," Irvan, who is also a co-founder of Anomali Coffee cafe, remarked.

He explained that the potential of coffee business has started to grow in Indonesia. "It can be seen from the increasing number of cafes providing coffee of variants tastes," he revealed.

However, the coffee business in Indonesia is still below when compared to other countries. According to him, the condition is based on the level of coffee consumption of Indonesians, which is still low of about 1 kilogram per year per person in average.

"A Finnish person consumes 9 kilograms of coffee per year, while a Malaysian uses 1.3 kilograms of coffee per year," he explained.

If a cup of beverage is made from 10 grams of coffee, it means that a person can drink 100 cups of coffee per year with 1 kilogram of coffee.

"The consumption of coffee of Indonesians is still very small compared to its abundant production," Irvan pointed out.
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