Toraja`s Buntu Kuni Airport to support tourism

id Buntu kuni airport, toraja

Rantepao, South Sulawesi (Antaranews Sulsel) - Development of the Buntu Kun airport in North Toraja District aims to support the tourism sector in South Sulawesi Province.

North Toraja District Head Kalatiku Paembonan has stated that the airport will ease transportation access to mainstay tourist attractions in the district and province.

"When completed, we hope this airport would help increase the number of tourist visits to the land of Toraja and the province of South Sulawesi, in general," Paembonan remarked here on Friday.

He reiterated that the airport will help achieve the target of at least two thousand tourist visits in 2018.
According to Paembonan, the tourist attraction in North Toraja is already ranked third in the category of "top three" of the Ministry of Tourism, after Bali and Lake Toba.

However, he added that although Toraja is in the third position according to the Ministry of Tourism, it is not yet among the top 10 national tourist destinations in 2017.

"The obstacle posed is in the form of infrastructure constraints that still needs to be overcome," he remarked.
To this end, he noted that the construction of Buntu Kuning airport in 2018 will support the tourism sector in the area.
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