Britain studies investment in renewable energy in South Sulawesi

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Deputy Head of Economics and Prosperity Team The British Embassy Samuel Hayes (two left) was received Assistant of Development and Welfare Economy of the Regional Secretariat of the Province of South Sulawesi Muhammad Firda in Makassar on Thursday (2

Makassar (Antaranews Sulsel) - Deputy Head of Economics and Prosperity Team at the British Embassy Samuel Hayes is studying possible investment by British companies in renewable energy in South Sulawesi.

"Britain is among the most advanced in the field of renewable energy. We will talk with regional authorities if any company from Britain wants to invest in South Sulawesi," Samuel Hayes said after a meeting with Muhammad Firda, the assistant in development economy and welfare at the regional secretariat said here on Thursday.

He said if South Sulawesi want to make progress in various sectors , the first in development priority should be infrastructure especially in energy production.

"Adequate infrastructure would contribute to development of other sectors," he said.

A number of renewable energy projects are being built in South Sulawesi. In addition to the PLTB Sidrap, the country`s first and largest wind powered electric plant, now in trail run in the province, there is another PLTB being built in Jeneponto.

Samuel discussed with the local authorities cooperation in human resource development, e-commerce , creative economy and effects of the regional elections in the province.

Muhammad Firda spoke about the general condition of economy in the province.

"South Sulawesi`s economy has grown by more than 7 percent annually over the past 10 years. We have major export commodities including cacao and seaweed," he said.

He said South Sulawesi open itself wide for cooperation in the development of infrastructure as well human resources development to turn out skilled workers to run the economy.

"Skilled workers and technicians are needed to operate and maintain infrastructure and to meet global challenges," he said.
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