Police arrest parking officer for drug trafficking

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archive photo. The police secured two suspects of HS (42) and HW (48) related to the case of methamphetamine-type drugs in the South Sulawesi Regional Police Headquarters in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Monday (4/30). ANTARA FOTO/Yusran Uccang /18

Makassar, S Sulawesi (Antaranews Sulsel) - A special team from the Rappocini police station succeeded in arresting a 45-year-old parking attendant, with the initials SR, on Jalan Skarda III for allegedly distributing methamphetamine-type drugs.

"Based on information, members then check the validity of the information by conducting surveillance first before making the arrest," Public Relations of Makassar Police Resort Headquarters Commissioner Diaritz Felle stated here on Monday.

He noted that before being arrested, the perpetrators were first under surveillance by members of the Rappocini police station since based on reports, they often transacted in their free time while working as parking attendants.

The arrest, led directly by Ipda Nurtcahyana, officer of the Detective and Search Unit of the Rappocini District Police, also led to the confiscation of evidence in the form of methamphetamine that was allegedly often traded.

"The perpetrator was secured along with the evidence. When a report was first received, reconnaissance was conducted, and at the time, the arrest was immediately made," he stated.

During the arrest, members managed to retrieve five packages wrapped in paper towels and tucked into a meatball stall hole, a place that the perpetrator often used to arrange for guest parking vehicles.

Felle stated that the suspect, when interrogated by officers, claimed that the banned items found tucked in the fence were his property and were planned to be circulated at a price of Rp100 thousand per sachet.

"SR also admitted that methamphetamine was obtained from ZL`s men at a price of Rp650 thousand and had been selling shabu for a week," he added.
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