HPI Urges Govt to Reject Australia's Meat Export

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Mamuju, W Sulawesi (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Cattle Breeders Association (HPI) asked the government to reject Australia's meat exports if it rejected to export cattle to the country.

"The government should well reject meat exports from Australia if that country stopped its cattle exports to Indonesia," HPI Executive Board Chairman Rudy Prayitno said here Thursday.

He said that Australia had officially notified Indonesia that it would stop its exports of slaughter and young cattle to Indonesia after it learned that the Indonesian abattoirs did not meet the slaughter standards.

"Australia rejects livestock exports to Indonesia because it did not agree with the failure of Indonesian abattoirs in meeting national slaughter standards," Rudy said.

He said that the rumors about Indonesia's failure to meet the national standards in the slaughter house were not true and were only fabricated by non-governmental organizations in Australia.

"Australian NGOs deliberately fabricated the issues by saying the slaughter of the animals in Indonesia did not meet the standards so that exports to Indonesia would be stopped and Indonesia's cow production and population would be reduced," he said.

He said that Australia blew up the issue as a trick. There is no guarantee that Australia which exported meat to Indonesia had done the correct procedures and followed the national standard when it slaughtered the animals.

"If Indonesia does not import cows from Australia, its cow production and population would drop so that it would not be able to achieve its goals of self-sufficiency on cow production in 2014," he said.

Therefore, Rudy called on the government take firm attitude to reject Australian meat exports if it really stopped its exports of young cows to be bred in Indonesia.

"Just reject it, so that we would not have any relations regarding cows with Australia. That would disadvantage us," he said.

He also regretted the Australian policy which limits the weight of its cow imports from Indonesia to only 350 kg.

"The weigh limitation would reduce the number of Indonesia's cow exports and this condition would disadvantage us," he said. (T.SYS/A014) 
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