West Sulawesi To Improve Human Resources To Boost Regional Economy

Pewarta : id Ali baal masdar

Mamuju (Antara Sulbar) - The West Sulawesi provincial government will continue to improve human resources to boost its regional economy, Governor Ali Baal Masdar remarked here on Wednesday.

"The low quality of human resources has, so far, posed a problem in regional economic development, and hence, it must be encouraged by offering non-formal education to trained and professional human resources," the governor stated.

He noted that in order to boost the economy of West Sulawesi, community efforts in the household industry sector should be maximized with the help of the people`s business credit funds.

"Human resources need to be improved as well as maximized, and all companies can build a representative office in West Sulawesi to boost the economy," he said.

According to Masdar, both human and natural resources of West Sulawesi must be improved to support economic growth in the province.
Editor: Daniel